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“Digital Solutions for digital transformation of HART Field Devices for IIOT”

For industrial organizations, the IIoT is the basis for digital transformation – creating new ways to better collect and analyze the tremendous amount of data created in their operations and turn that data into solutions to solve challenging problems.

The convergence of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) is driving new methodologies for monitoring production processes to improve performance, lower costs and minimize risk. Mere connectivity of devices already allows valuable enhancements such as remote service and predictive maintenance, but, ultimately, the goal is to analyze data and gain detailed and comprehensive insights from assets, processes and products.

The IIoT is often presented as a revolution that is changing the face of industry in a profound manner. In reality, it is an evolution that has its origins in technologies and functionalities developed decades ago. This technology has been evolving under different names, but there is now a wider acceptance on the market under the common umbrella IIoT.

With SES product offerings of complete end-to-end solution from device to the cloud and many years of product development experience in the IIOT space, SES is well positioned to work with its customers to provide cost effective and state of the art solutions for the IIOT market:

Here is a list of current products: