Smart Embedded Systems (SES), Inc., Silicon Valley Company, is offering multispeed modem capability using System on a Chip (SoC) and SES is the first company for having developed a very compelling and cost effective Patented Soft Modem technology (strictly firmware based) solution for Industrial Automation applications. Our modem design enables compliance with HART “C8PSK and FSK Physical Layer Specifications”. With our 9600 bps modem, we support the Industry standard HART Communication Protocol (HART Stack 7.0) while offering at least 5 times the number of packets per second.


System on a chip (SoC) Based 9600/1200 BPS (C8PSK/FSK)MODEM:


Our 9600/1200 BPS modem is firmware based; implemented with Texas Instruments (TI) MS430 microcontroller. Besides modem functionality, we also offer the following on the same microcontroller:

HART Soft Modem

  • Lower cost
  • Lower power 400 uA FSK mode and 900 uA 9600 bps (C8PSK mode) at VCC of 2.7V
  • Works with any third party HART stack
  • Increased throughput
  • Low power table lookup based modulator using SES patented methods
  • Smart Phase and Timing detection of incoming signals using SES patented methods
  • High reliability
  • Flexibility and field upgradable with these options:
    • C8PSK & FSK modes
    • FSK mode; upgrade to C8PSK and FSK modes
    • FSK mode only
  • Smaller footprint

System on a Chip (SOC) Based Solution

  • Uses off-the-shelf microcontroller
  • Uses Low voltage FRAM based microcontroller for low power
  • SES HART 7.0 Stack can run on the same microcontroller
  • Sensor Interface
  • Capability to add security with MSP430 with H/W AES encryption

HART C8PSK (9600) Modem Characteristics

  • Coherent 8 Phase Shift Keying
  • Bits per symbol : 3 bits
  • 8 Symbols per HART C8PSK Specifications

  • Carrier Frequency : 3200Hz. ±1%
  • Data Rate : 9600 Bits Per Second ±1%
  • Supports Normal Analog Wiring

HART FSK Modem Characteristics

  • Binary Frequency Shift Keying
  • Bits per symbol : 1
  • Mark = 1200Hz; Space = 2200Hz ±1%
  • Carrier Frequency : 1700Hz.
  • Data Rate : 1200 Bits Per Second ±1%
  • Supports Normal Analog Wiring

Modulator Characteristics

  • Carrier Startup : Less than 3 symbols
  • Carrier Stop : Less than 3 symbols

Demodulator Characteristics

  • Receive Equalizer : Fractional Adaptive, Learning
  • Carrier detect Threshold : Programmable
  • Dynamic Range : 15 dB minimum (150mV – 900mV)
  • PSK Assertion : Less than 10ms
  • C8PSK to FSK : automatic
  • Receive Filtering for Analog signal Interference rejection: 20 dB minimum
  • RX Signal CD On : 80mV - 120mV
  • CD On time : 1ms - 4ms
  • CD off time : 5ms - 10ms
  • Rx Signal Level : 120mV - 1000mV
  • A. Process control and factory automation
  • B. Temperature sensors
  • C. Flow transmitters
  • D. Level transmitters
  • E. Pressure transmitters

Board Support Package for Evaluation includes:

  • A. Board
  • B. Schematic
  • C. BOM (Bill Of Materials)
  • D. HART Stack Binary code
  • E. SOFT Modem Binary code

SES has been awarded four patents related to its soft modem technology for HART devices: 9106488, 9184965, 9203665, 9281978 and additional patents pending.

The HART Communications Protocol is the global standard for smart process instrumentation. HART is a registered trademark and HART-DS a trademark of FieldComm Group. (www.fieldcommgroup.org)