Welcome to Smart Embedded Systems (SES)


We provide development services for the HART devices.

  • Complete hardware and software development of HART device with our soft modem or other hardware modem chip
  • Porting and testing with either our HART or third party stack
  • Device Descriptor for various sensors
  • Customization Complete Testing of the device Interface with the FieldComm Group

For your development,consulting, and manpower needs in embedded systems;

We can help you on-site and off-site with the following:

    What are the benefits?

  • Lowest power & Lowest cost
  • Complete Reference Design & Documentation
  • Evaluation Board
  • Firmware, device drivers, and applications software for embedded applications based on different processors and operating systems
  • System and component level architecture and design
  • Communication and various networking protocols.
  • Help you lower the cost and time for development
  • We cater to the following industries:

    • Biometrics
    • Medical devices
    • Industrial automation
    • Automobile
    • Consumer electronics

Product realization from Specifications to Prototypes with the following core competencies:

  • Multiple System architectures such as FPGA's , ARM, DSP, MIPS, X86 and others.
  • R&D prototyping using high end FPGA's : Xilinx ( Virtex, Kintex), Altera (cyclone, stratix) or any other FPGA of customer's choice
  • PRU and other H/W accelerator applications
  • BSP drivers, HAL Middleware Networking, Wireless, and Industrial Protocols
  • Embedded OS - Linux, Android, VxWorks, freeRTOS, Power PC, coOS, etc.
  • Embedded Application on IOS, Android using GTK/QT
  • Testing & Debugging Services.

Microcontrollers/ FPGA/ SoC/ARM

  • MSP430, Piccolo, Stellaris
  • TI Sitara family of AM335x and AM437x, OMAP
  • DSP such as TMS 320C5000, C6000 series
  • Microchip
  • ST

Wireless Technology

  • Simpliciti -TI protocol stack for realizing Node device and Access Point

Development platform and Debugging tools

  • IDE
  • Code composer studio
  • IAR
  • Eclipse code development and Code analysis tools
  • RTOS
  • Sys/bios, free RTOS, CooS
  • VxWorks, Power PC

Why SES?

  • 80+ years of combined experience with different processors and OS
  • Worked with various types of technologies such as modem, networking, wireless, fingerprint, various medical and industrial devices
  • Our focus is on-time delivery, quality and reliability
  • We continue to keep the development costs down for our clients
  • We can design and make recommendations for solutions based on customer requirements