HART Features in Edge Gateway (Coming Soon)

Objective HART Edge gateway will be capable of collecting information from all HART transmitters (sensors) and Actuators (controls) and capable of for data collection and aggregation. It must have low latency for communication from gateway to cloud server and deliver near real-time experience for remote monitoring. It should be able to support multiple sensor types and different rendering formats. In addition, device provision also must be supported such as device name, TAGs and IDs, alerts to be programmed in the device, provision change counters (they are present in the HART devices).

Product Features

  • Cloud application framework built on AWS or Azure IoT platform.
  • HMI - Unlimited no of Customizable dashboards for different levels - company, factory, production line, machine.
  • CEP - Create logical events derived from factory floor sensors to streamline the processes.
  • Rules - Create rules in simple English like "if..then..else.." and decision tables.
  • Device Management - Manage all the components (HW & SW) in the field like gateways, sensors.

DelEdgeGateway- Requirements of HART Plug-In app in

  • Support HART IP Connectivity
    • HART IP Specification provided
    • TCP/UDP Support
    • HART-IP Discovery Protocol will be desired.
  • Support Modbus Protocol for HART devices. (some HART gateways do Modbus)
  • DD Support not needed for 1.0 release. Considered for later release.
  • Work with HART Multiplexers and WHART Gateways (using HART IP or Modbus)
  • Programmable device Ping rate
  • HART Functions Supported (will use HART commands as payload in HART IP)
    • HART device connection
    • HART device inventory
    • Asset creation
    • Data collection
    • Configuration change assessment
    • Will use universal commands initially
    • Optional Burst mode support(not needed for 1.0)
  • Use standard rendering in Delpheon for now
  • DD/FDI in later in Development (2.0 or later)
  • Security
    • Communication Security needed for 2.0 (HART IP feature still in definition stage)
    • Access Control Security from Delpheon features
      • Read/Configure and Control accesses
    • Access control for Provisioning and adding devices
  • Will existing Delpheon Device Object Models.

User Interface

  • Use Delpheon UIs for now
  • Will define HART specific Views for release 2.0
  • Show Alerts and Alarms in UI
    • Poll for status and alarms in 1.0
    • Handling of unsolicited alarm and status responses in 2.0
  • Device Simulation
    • Measurements
    • Alarms