SMART HART Dual Speed (9600/1200 BPS) I/O Gateway

Smart Embedded System’s (SES), HART I/O Gateway provides a simple way for your regular wired dual speed and standard HART devices (9600/1200 or 1200 bps) to be a connected to an IOT or DCS device. The SMART HART I/O Gateway allows host level systems and asset management applications to access and integrate measurement and device diagnostics information from HART enabled field devices using the existing plant Ethernet networking infrastructure. In addition, Smart I/O Gateway connects with SES’s DelEdge Gateway which facilitates Cloud connectivity.Thus, the system consisting of SES Smart I/O Gateway and the DelEdge Gateway allowing connected devices to share digital and analog data with existing PLC, SCADA systems and legacy control and monitoring systems for data collection and aggregation. It harmonizes multiple protocols before sending to the cloud database. Edge supports many industrial protocols like Modbus, OPC, PROFINET, etc to connect different types of industrial equipment.



Product features

  • Easy configuration and management
  • Easy integration into HART IP control systems and data applications using an Ethernet LAN connections
  • Base Configuration Supports 4 HART(Dual Speed) Inputs or non-smart 4-20 mA inputs
  • Expandable to 8,12, and 16 HART Inputs with stackingeach base unit
  • Universal inputs accepting all HART Registered devices for leading suppliers
  • DC Isolated HART Physical Layer Connection - 500 VAC minimum
  • Configurable as Primary or Secondary Master
  • Configurable as Primary or Secondary Master
  • Supports 9600/1200 BPS(C8PSK)and 1200 BPS only(FSK) on each input
  • 24 VDC input power rails (Nominal)
  • DIN Rail Module with RJ45 for Ethernet, Power connections and HART4-20mA Loop connections
  • Connection to Cloud services via DelEdge Gateway
  • Registered with FieldComm Group - Pending