APL-HART Ethernet



The Ethernet Advanced Physical Layer (APL) Switch is used to connect an APL network to Ethernet. The switch has 3 APL channels and one RJ45 Ethernet connector. The switch supplies power to the APL network devices. Supports HART-IP over APL. This switch is used for APL device development. Switch Connector Interface


  • Dimensions x.x” x y.y x zz” (63mm x 63mm x33mm)
  • Total Unit Weight z oz (zz g)
  • Temperature -40C to 85C
  • APL Connectors Screw terminals
  • Ethernet Connector RJ45
  • APL Specifications Ethernet-APL Power

Test Specification v1.1 HCF_TEST-008 FCG TT20008 v1.0

  • Supply Voltage 110Vac to 220Vac, 50 or 60Hz
  • Input Power xxx
  • Power per APL channel 540mW