Product development (H/W, S/W. F/W):

Any custom product based on ARM, DSP, and other processors.

SMART EMBEDDED SYSTEMS is completely focused on developing state of the art solutions for our customers. We have highly experienced team of engineers with expertise in various biometric technologies, industrial control, automobile, medical devices, and consumer electronics.

    Our Core Competency:

  • TI, Atmel, ST, Microchip, Intel, NXP etc.
  • List of processors: DSP, ARM, 8086, and 8031 family
  • Device drivers for various operating systems such as Windows and Linux
  • List of Operating systems: Windows, Linux, MAC, WINCE and Android
  • We have worked with USB, SPI, Ethernet, RS 232
  • Tools: We have worked with the following tools:

    • Development tools: In circuit- emulators/debuggers
    • SDKs, DDKs, Visual Studio, VB, Softice
    • Various Biometric applications and Device SDK
    • Languages: C, C++, Assembly, Java

  • We have hardware design experience with several microcontrollers, ARM processors such as TI, ST, ATMEL, Microchip and others
  • In addition we can design Carrier Boards for DAVE's Systems on Modules (SOMs).
  • We have worked with fingerprint sensors both touch and swipe and have successfully ported NEC and Fujitsu algorithms on TI's 5507 platform.
  • We have developed a variety of biometric based applications dealing with password management and network security.

Projects completed in the Past

  • Ported NEC fingerprint algorithms on TI's 5507 DSP
  • Client and server side security and password management software
  • Ported Fujitsu algorithms on TI's 5507
  • Ported Algorithms to an ARM processor
  • Radius server on an embedded platform
  • Single Sign On application software
  • USB device applications
  • Developed smart card reader with TI's 1808 processor
  • Completed peripheral device for a gaming device

RF/ Wireless Company

  • Wireless System Design from the antenna to Baseband for Cellular (2.5G,3G,3.5G,4G), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS.
  • RF System Integration.
  • RFIC , Modules and PCB designs from 0.5 to 5 GHz.
  • Familiarity with RF components including Discretes, Front-End (PAs, LNAs, Filters ,Switches, Diplexers, Duplexers, SAW devices, etc.).
  • RF Analog and Digital layout design using modern CAD and verification\simulation tools.
  • Design of Application / development boards and tools.
  • Design for DFx.
  • Familiar with operators and Regulatory requirements (EMI/EMC) and implementation.
  • Interface with Antenna design.
  • Interface with ID and Mechanical Design.